As careful stewards of capital, we are mindful of our responsibility to our human capital, the environment, our industry, local communities, and the broader society.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture generates richer discussions, drives innovative solutions, and enables us to pursue superior investment results for our clients.

  • Inclusivity

    The longevity, stability and diversity of our staff has been instrumental to our success as a firm. We are committed to sustaining a firm that embraces and celebrates all forms of diversity. We believe in “Inclusive Accountability” where all employees are valued based on their contributions to our common goal of generating meaningful investment outcomes. 

  • Who We Are

    Gerber Taylor has always been, and will continue to be, very intentional about the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our team. Ensuring that our employees feel respected, valued, safe and fully engaged is a vital component of inclusion.  Without these assurances, our most valuable asset, our “human capital”, is taken for granted.

Responsible Investing

We acknowledge the growing impact that environmental, social, and governance issues may have on the success of investment portfolios and therefore on the results we deliver for our clients.

  • Impact

    While pursuing our investment objectives, we are also mindful of the impact our activities and those of our underlying investment managers and underlying operating companies may have on local communities, the broader society, and the environment.  We believe that identifying and incorporating environmental, social and governance considerations is consistent with our goal of delivering value to our clients and serving as a responsible corporate citizen.

  • Progress through Dialogue

    As part of our operating due diligence process, we aim to engage in discussions with our underlying investment managers regarding their incorporation of environmental, social and governance risk factors into investment decisions.  While we recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, we believe it is important to be an active voice in trying to advance responsible investing practices within our industry.


Our responsibility as a corporate citizen remains an evolving endeavor whereby Gerber Taylor will continue to be active in its pursuit of positive outcomes for multiple constituencies, at work and in the community at large.

  • Active Support

    We are proud to be based in one of the most philanthropic cities in America: Memphis, Tennessee, and strongly believe in supporting the communities in which we live and work. In addition to corporate support, we encourage our team to support the community in areas they are passionate about and allow all employees to volunteer during business hours each month.

  • Education as a Catalyst for Change

    We believe that in order to create real change in our community equal educational opportunities must be available to all. This means doing what it takes to increase early childhood literacy and high school graduation rates of disadvantaged groups. Gerber Taylor employees have been founding members of several local non-profit charter schools and remain active supporters of numerous educational organizations across Memphis.


We believe we have an opportunity to encourage further progress in our industry in terms of diversity and inclusion through our engagement with industry participants and our own outreach efforts.

  • Our Network

    As an active investment manager, Gerber Taylor has long believed that diverse thinking produces stronger outcomes. As a result, it is equally important that we seek that diversity of thought from our underlying investment managers. To this end, Gerber Taylor has active dialogue with our managers on their efforts in the areas of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

  • Mentorship

    Greater access to meaningful professional opportunities in the asset management industry will help drive progress. While we have mentored students of diverse backgrounds in the past, we launched a formal summer internship program in 2022 for college students to help foster diversity within our industry.  Additionally, we recently completed a nine-week program engaging Memphis public high school students in financial literacy and plan to continue the program over upcoming school years.

We believe that a strong commitment to each of these areas is consistent with our goal of delivering value to our clients.

Full Stewardship Statement