Firm Overview

Gerber/Taylor Capital Advisors, Inc. is a Tennessee Corporation comprised of two subsidiaries, Gerber/Taylor Associates, Inc. ("GTA") and Gerber/Taylor Management Company ("GTM").  The Company's headquarters is in Memphis, TN with satellite offices in Charlottesville, VA and Dallas, TX.

Charles Gerber and Andrew Taylor founded Gerber/Taylor in March 1990, and have worked together as partners in the investment management industry since 1984.  Gerber/Taylor Capital Advisors is owned and managed by its principals and employees.  There are fourteen partners who own 100% of the firm.

Gerber/Taylor Associates, Inc.

Gerber/Taylor Associates, Inc ("GTA") is an SEC-registered investment advisor that provides independent investment advisory services as well as full-service consulting to institutional clients and high net-worth families. GTA has been in the investment consulting business since 1991. Over this time, the Company has grown its client base from approximately five clients to over 90 clients who in aggregate own assets in excess of $10.8 billion.

Gerber/Taylor Management Company

Gerber/Taylor Management Co. ("GTM") is an SEC-registered investment advisor that primarily manages Fund-of-Hedge Funds partnerships that provide investors the access and critical mass needed to address alternative investment strategies such as hedge funds, private equity, and private real estate.  GTM's first Fund-of-Hedge Funds partnership was established in 1991.  Presently, GTM manages over $4.9 billion on a discretionary basis across various investment disciplines.